About UConn Nursing in China

Undergraduate students from the School of Nursing have the opportunity to complete their clinical studies by working with cultural/alternative medicines and ethics in Hong Kong, China.

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This program is designed to be part of the Nursing Capstone Practicum (NURS 4292). The two week intensive program is offered by the University of Hong Kong and will allow students to study traditional Chinese medicine practices, as well as modern western care. The overall focus will be a comparison of delivery systems and new exposure to complementary therapies. Students will attend classes at the university and travel to a variety of clinical sites.

The Academics

Coursework and sites visits will enable students to learn about how family traditions influence patient care and decision making and the problems of a highly populated, urban environment with significant air pollution. Students will present a structured seminar about these factors to their classmates upon return to UConn. In addition, students will be asked to be primary hosts for the group of UHK students who are expected to visit UConn in April.

The Experience

Students will stay together at a hotel near the university and some meals will be covered by the fees for the program. There will be time for sightseeing, museum visits and attendance at a variety of cultural events throughout the duration of the program.

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