Study Abroad Reflection – Beijing, China 2015 by Nikki Yannatos

Nikki Yannatos

Study Abroad Reflection – Beijing, China 2015

Studying abroad in Beijing, China was the adventure of a lifetime and I am thankful to have been apart of it. Being able to meet and talk with patients, nurses, physicians, professors and local people from Beijing has made this trip unforgettable. I now feel like I have a great grasp on the Chinese culture and I am able to appreciate their thought processes. For example, when a Chinese patient asks for a hot cup of water I am now able to understand that the purpose of the hot cup of water is to keep their yin and yang in balance. Yin and yang is a very important concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Being able to visit many hospitals, including a TCM Hospital, enhanced my learning experience. I loved spending time at TCM Hospitals because I was able to apply what we learned in lecture to clinical practice. Seeing acupuncture and cupping in person was a fantastic experience because we were able to ask the physicians and patients any questions that we had about the treatment or why they were receiving the treatment. Asking questions made learning easier and really allowed us to truly understand the concepts of TCM.

Not only do I now understand the difference of nursing in China compared to the United States but I also had a chance to eat traditional Chinese food such as duck, dumplings, and noodles. I will also never forget having the opportunity to visit breathtaking historical places like the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City. I will miss talking to the students from Peking University about how different nursing is in the China compared to the United States as well as simply just getting to know them and what their culture involves. I hope I was able to make a difference in the lives of those I met because they made a difference in mine. I made memories that will last my lifetime and I will smile every time I use chopsticks because it will bring me back in time to when I studied abroad in Beijing, China.