My Experience

The two week capstone program in Hong Kong was one of the most enriching experiences in my life. I enjoyed learning about the history of Hong Kong and exploring Chinese culture and food. Additionally, I had the opportunity to observe modern western medicine practice in public and private hospitals, as well as experiment some traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture, electroacupuncture, and cupping therapy which made this trip an unforgettable one.
Looking back at everything we did and explored in only two weeks makes me feel grateful and fortunate that I had this experience. Besides exploring Hong Kong Island, we also visited incredible places such as Lantau island, Macau, Kowloon and met amazing people along the way. Teamwork and organization of our group was the key to accomplishing our busy schedules.
I strongly believe this program offer students the chance to connect with people and its culture in a very special way. Everyone was so attentive and polite that made our departure kind of nostalgic. Having the chance to meet students from the classes we attended at the University of Honk Kong facilitated our understanding about how family traditions influence patient care.
Making contact with the students was fascinating because we were able to learn how passionated they were about filial piety, which is the most important value in the Chinese culture, that regulates the behavior of children towards their elderly parents. This discussion was very interesting because it led to an exchange of knowledge and cultural values. I believe this program allows UConn and HKU students to really experience a new culture.
I want to give special thanks to Dr. Engler for his effort on expanding the options of traveling to new clinical sites. It was beneficial to visit a public hospital to learn more about the delivery system in Hong Kong.

-Milena Tuta